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Welcome to our Recreational Class Program! Dynamats offers a wide variety of recreational gymnastics classes for boys and girls starting at the age of 18 months! We surely have a class for your family!

Our staff undergoes regular training to provide the best in gymnastics instruction to your child! We are a safety oriented gym.  Rest assured that your child will be given quality gymnastics instruction in a state-of-the-art facility. All of our instructors undergo USA Gymnastics Safe Sport training.


You are always welcome to give us a call for assistance!

1. Pick a class!

If you are unsure which class is best for your child, take a look at our class descriptions, or give us a call.

2. Schedule a FREE TRIAL class!

That's right! We offer the first class ON US! We want to make sure the class is the right fit for you and your child.

3. Fill out a Waiver Form!

All participants must fill out a waiver form prior to receiving any instruction. This is true for any events at Dynamats Gymnastics Center. This can be filled out at home or at the office.

4. Fill out a Registration Form!

This can be filled out at home or at the office.

5. Pay the Monthly Fee and Annual Insurance Fee!

Classes are paid for on a month-to-month basis. A $35.00 insurance fee is required at the time of registration and is valid from November 1 to the following October 31.

6. Sit back and watch your child's gymnastics journey begin!


There are many benefits to being a member of Dynamats Gymnastics Center. Besides the assurance that you are receiving the best gymnastics instruction in the area, you are also welcome to discounts on other events at Dynamats, such as birthday parties and open gyms.

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